Smart Cities Connected Parking Hackathon

by Westminster City Council, Department for Transport and Impact Hub Westminster
Ignite innovative solutions to make parking more connected in Westminster and beyond. Create a prototype for your idea to showcase at our Demo Day on 21st February 2017 - and potentially win a cash prize of £300!

The Need & Opportunity

The diverse nature of Westminster and its multiple users creates high demand for the limited parking space available; city-wide parking occupancy averages levels of more than 70%, and often in excess of 80% in the West End. The associated problems of congestion and poor air quality are often compounded by the time taken for motorists to find parking as they drive around the city searching for availability.

Whilst our city holds many great challenges with regards to parking with the use of big data and emerging technologies we have the opportunity to find innovative solutions to tackle these challenges and to come up with practical concepts for a smarter, greener city by devising solutions to tackle the problems of congested roads, underutilised parking, limited community interaction, and air pollution.

Westminster City Council in association with the Department for Transport and Impact Hub Westminster will be holding a Smart Cities - Connected Parking Hackathon to work with YOU to co-create new ideas and concepts to solve real-world problems created by current parking environments and driver behaviour. During this 1-day Hackthon we will provide parking and transport open data, but are not looking for technical development of these ideas or any coding. The session is designed to be interactive, with the use of human design principles and your concepts to worked through to a paper or virtual design to be presented to a judging panel.

The Winning Idea   

The winning idea will be taken forward to be presented to the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Transport and to Local Authorities on 21st February 2017. Here the winning team can further pitch the solution to interested parties to further develop and/or invest in turning their solution into a scalable and impactful reality.

Desired Outcomes

  • Cities across the UK to benefit from reduced traffic, congestion and pollution.
  • Improved information for customers to make informed decision on private vs public transport options.
  • More efficient use of our on-street parking marshals.
  • Reduce the time motorists spend searching for parking.
  • Better balance of parking bay occupancy across the network.
  • Improved customer experience and ease of payment.
  • Improved connectivity between communities and local authorities, to help inform decision making.
  • Solutions that have the potential to save motorists time, stress, money, while dramatically increasing productivity.

Focus Questions

  • Parking circulation causes traffic congestion, emission and noise in UK cities but parking also supports retail, commuting and leisure. How do we find the balance? What can we improve to make parking better?
  • How can we bring together and best use various parking and transport data sets to deliver products and tools to improve urban mobility, and address the problems associated with congested roads?
  • How can we make parking a better customer experience? How can we make more use of the digital technologies?
  • Not all cities are like Westminster – there could be a range of solutions for a range of users and locations
  • How do we help local authorities know how well parking works? And what could make it better?
  • How can we make parking better now, ready for the future technologies such as connected vehicles?
  • How can we help people who have special needs for parking find a space (disabled, small children, large vehicles, deliveries…)
  • How can we better connect with our community, by using feedback and data from users to improve services?
Applications are now closed.
Date: 15th February 2017
Time: 9:30 to 5:30pm
Breakfast, lunch, snacks and networking drinks will be provided.
We're looking for: Social innovators, students, NGO's, designers, UX/UI, anyone interested in innovating to improve parking