Impact Hub Workshop: Twitterversity

Twitter for Thinkers, Explorers and Storytellers!

Speaker: Megan Davis, Lead Storyteller at Spend Love and Lamb


“The old idea that creative people were ‘individually creative’ and that it was individual ideas that were most impactful is making way for a new form of creativity. Now, it’s the ideas that emerge from networks that are most innovative. We as creative people have to understand how to participate in networks and how to create them.”


Tim Brown of IDEO on ‘Design Thinking’


Welcome to Twitterversity, where we will apply the principles of design thinking inspired by Tim Brown’s definition of creative networks to Twitter. Our first task will be exploring how to create a communication framework and turn it into a digital strategy. This framework is the path to your new network on Twitter.


How does Twitter help us define our futures?

The time to connect, explore and curate your Twitter experience is now. Become part of Twitterversity and I will teach you to tweet with the best of them!

Twitter for Thinkers, Explorers and Storytellers facilitates the construction of your online community. I will teach you about the basics of Twitter, how to build an online persona, who to Tweet to and what to Tweet about.

We will focus on the necessity of building a narrative into your digital strategy. It is imperative to convey a simple message to your community that represents who you are. The next step is finding the right people. A community grown slowly on the correct path will eventually propagate itself. Set your message apart by speaking directly to the few and they will spread it to the many.

I will also explore how the recent changes with Twitter allow for visual content sharing. Now your videos, live streaming and images can improve your ability to convey what it is you uniquely do to the Twitterverse!

Please note there is a pre-task one page document which must be done before the course and brought to class with you. When you purchase your ticket I will send you the file. Please give yourself time to fill it out properly. This is very important to getting the most out of this course.


What you will need :

– A Twitter Account

– A Basic Understanding of Twitter

– Your Own Laptop or tablet (iPad) or smart phone

– A pen and paper

– A vision statement describing who you are, what you do and why you do it

– The twitter handle, or Twitter Account of a person you would love to talk to. This can be anyone as long as they have an active Twitter account.


About the Speaker

Megan Davis has a long work history in design and communications. She has worked with the automotive industry, such as Nissan Japan, Ford Australia and Asia. She worked on international projects such as training materials for online educational platforms for Nissan Japan, which eventually went worldwide. After leaving the corporate world she has gone on to work with such startups as Peer Academy and Pop Union, as well as The School of Life pop-up in Melbourne, Australia.

Megan learned design thinking right from the source at a bootcamp. After learning this methodology she has embraced it in her social media consultancy, Spendlove and Lamb. Using human centered design facilitates the creation of narratives, that tell the right stories to the right people. From large government organisations to startups, Megan has enjoyed using design thinking to co-create meaningful approaches to anything from digital strategies to social media presences.

When she is not geeking out over design thinking, Megan is in the kitchen mastering the art of gluten-free baking, in yoga classes improving her tree pose, or scouring the city for film – yes, real actual film! – for her camera.


This workshop is part of a series that will be presented with Impact Hubs in New York, Westminster London and Berlin.

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Event Organizers

Impact Hub Westminster

Date & Time

30 June 2015 | 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm


Unnamed Venue


Updated on 02 June 2015