Grow Your Business: Start With You – The secret to manifesting the life and business you desire

Are you trying your best and still not getting results? Is your focus in alignment with what you desire? Do you feel that something is holding you back?

Grow Your Business: Start With You is a four-part professional development programme for leaders and entrepreneurs, run by Coachingpartner.

At Coachingpartner we believe that the key to achieving your goals is by first working on yourself. Starting with understanding your uniqueness, making decisions in alignment with who you are and tapping into your full potential will lead you to take the next step, move you closer to your goals and reach your objectives.

During the four sessions, which will take place over six months, you will have an opportunity to develop yourself, making yourself the entrepreneur, leader or manager that you have the potential to be. Using Coachingpartner’s identity model and a series of powerful and practical tools, techniques and theories, you will leave the programme more confident in your skills and abilities, and with a series of practical steps to grow your business and improve your performance.

These sessions will be highly interactive where learnings will be co-created in the group. You will be given the opportunity to test and experience the tools presented by working in pairs or participating in groups.

Part 1: The secret to manifesting the life and business you desire

Do you feel that you are taking all the right steps but your business is not moving forward?

Do you feel anxious about the future of your business?

In this session you will learn how the way you think and the way you feel are a crucial part of staying in control, taking charge and manifesting the life and business you desire. Your feeling is your compass. It can lead you to abundance and success but first you need to be very clear about this feeling.

During the session we will be looking at:
– How you are focusing your energy on your business
– How Physics plays an important part in getting what you want in life
– Some basic principles that will support you in manifesting the life and business you desire: the importance of thoughts, feelings and words
– How to apply these principles in your life and business

This work has helped leaders:
– create powerful shifts in their thinking
– adopt a mindset to acheive what they really want
– realise how to fulfill their vision

This seminar is for:
– Ambitious leaders who are ready to challenge themselves
– Entrepreneurs who want to push boundaries
– Open minded leaders who are willing to think outside the box

Following the seminar, our coaches will be available for guidance and support. They can help you apply and put into practice what you have learned and support you in taking the next steps towards your goal, should you wish to pursue your development.

We highly recommend that you join our next session, part 2 of our 4 part programme, in July which focuses on understanding your strengths. This will give you the opportunity to continue your development.

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Impact Hub Westminster

Date & Time

May 17 | 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm


Impact Hub Westminster


Updated on 18 April 2017