According to WRAP, annually we send £140,000 worth of used clothing to UK landfill each year. Alongside this the average UK household also owns around £4000 worth of clothing, with 30% of this being unworn throughout the year. Such figures illustrate the vast amount of clothing that is going to waste and how a culture of fast fashion can have an immense impact on our environment.

Our next event at Westminster Impact Hub addresses this particular issue, through the notion of the Circular Economy. According to Circular Fashion, the Circular Economy suggests that products within society should be used for as long as possible with their use being circulated among people for as long as possible. Hosted by Mia Jafari, Head of Community &  Programmes at Impact Hub Westminster and Anna Tari, Partnerships Manager at the Circular Economy Club (CEC), this practical workshop will introduce this concept to fashion in order to examine how, through co-working we can encourage best practice within the industry.

Something that the consumer may have initially had little influence over, ethical fashion choices are definitely becoming more of an option for consumers as more and more brands take on board sustainable options in their manufacturing processes. Inspired by this, and our forthcoming event we have proposed some top tips for keeping your fashion choices sustainable.

Buy second hand

Shopping in vintage shops can be a great way to find something unique and give an older piece of clothing a new lease of life. Buying these pre-worn clothes can reduce the impact on land fill whilst keeping your fashion choices on trend and stylish. A number of celebrities are now also taking this on board with many opting for vintage fashion choices on the red carpet.

Or if you are a little daunted by the bold prints of vintage clothes, why not try online auction sites such as EBay. These can be a great way of finding second hand clothing and accessories, whilst also giving you the chance to give your old clothes a new home.

Spend More on Quality and Buy Less

Spend more on the pieces of clothing that you know will last and save yourself the time and wardrobe space of buying more. Opt for slow fashion instead of fast and spend your money on clothing that you know has been produced sustainably. There are more and more brands out there recognising the importance of sustainable fashion, which means that there are now more brands available for you to make ethical fashion choices.


Thinking about your fashion choices sustainably doesn’t  necessarily mean that you have to trade in looking stylish. Why not find a way to revamp the clothes that you already have, whether it is wearing them with new accessories or tailoring them to look like something new.

Don’t just throw your clothes away, if you don’t take them to the charity shop then think about recycling them. Lots of retailers offer recycling options and incentives for you to recycle your unwanted threads, for example H&M offer clothes drop off bins in their stores. Through this incentive they have recycled 32,000 tonnes of garments, either for re-wear or to be turned into textile fibres.

Find out more about our upcoming workshop here.


Lucy is a PR Intern at Impact Hub Westminster