Many people discuss this question and there are a number of suggested answers.

At Coachingpartner we believe there isn´t one great answer to this question.

Instead we believe there are many different answers that are unique to each person and to his or her experiences.

These experiences are incredibly valuable. By digging deep into your greatest as well as your worst experiences, you learn so much about what leadership really means to you and how you lead at your very best.

You can do it now. And if you’re on the tube, a bus or on the train that’s a great place to explore and learn!

Step 1 – Think about which experiences have been really frustrating for you being a leader or working with other leaders. Map them out one by one and think about what they have in common, is there a pattern of a particular type of leadership style, involvement, colleagues or culture going on? And is there a pattern in terms of the role you had and how you connected with colleagues at the time? Spend 5-15 minutes reflecting on this.

Step 2 – Repeat the previous exercise, but this time think about experiences that have been fulfilling and joyful for you. Again, first map out all the experiences and then look at what these have in common. Is there a pattern of a particular type of leadership, involvement, context, colleagues or type of work? And are there patterns in terms of which role you had and how you related to other people?

Step 3 – The fact that you were frustrated or inspired by these particular experiences – what does that say about you as a leader? And what does it say about your views on leadership? And further – what does it say about which roles and environments you thrive in? And when you do, how do you communicate and act when you´re at your best – how do you create an inspiring environment for yourself as well as for others?

Now that you’ve done the 3 steps –  what are you ready to commit yourself to?
Think about 1-3 focus areas or actions your can focus on over the next couple of weeks.

My challenge to you is to share your commitment in the comment field below!
Sharing your commitment is really powerful! It means you are ready to up your game, bring out the best in you and inspire others to do the same.

Thank you for being a unique leader!
Thank you for being your very unique self!

By Vegard Olsen

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