On Monday 14th November we’re excited to be launching Inside My Impact, where Duncan Goose will be speaking about launching the One Brand and his work towards tackling the sustainable development goals. Here he gives a small insight into his mission to create a world where everyone has access to clean water, forever.

“Last September I flew to New York for the launch of the Global Goals where 193 world leaders committed to 17 sustainable development goals to tackle inequality, poverty and climate change over the next 15 years. If the goals are met, they ensure the health, safety and future of the planet for everyone on it.

Working towards a world where everyone has access to clean water forever, everyone at One is focused on Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation. There are still 663 million people in the world without access to safe drinking water, over 2 million people die every year from waterborne diseases and most are children under 5 years old. This has to change.

What has happened over the last 15 years since the Millennium Development Goals were launched has been unique. What will happen over the next 15 is unprecedented in humanity. With the help of our customers and supporters, we can continue on our journey towards a world where everyone has access to clean and safe water forever. Anyone can help by stocking or buying One drinks, fundraising or donating at onedifference.org.

If you want to learn more, hear him talk at Inside My Impact and celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week/ Westminster Enterprise week with us. RSVP is essential. Click here to sign up!

Camilla James

Camilla James

Marketing & Communications Manager