Welcome to our Hubber of the Month series, where we are celebrating the stories, challenges and achievements of our members. Our collaborative work space is filled with inspirational people creating incredible impact, working alongside each other to achieve their goals. From freelancers to SME’s, our members are diverse in purpose but united in attitude, and that’s what makes our coworking space so special. 

We’re delighted to introduce Nadzia Laskar for our September Hubber of the Month. We sat down with her to learn more about her work with I Am, her experience working in the Hub and her talent for drawing and design.

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Nadzia and I’m currently a student going into my third year at uni. I go to UCL and do a course called Arts and Sciences, which a lot of people have probably never heard of. It’s actually quite new, having been around for only 4 years now. The whole idea of the course is to emphasise ‘interdisciplinarity’ and also focus on the fact that there’s no such thing as barriers between different disciplines because everything is, to an extent, very interlinked.

Everyone that does the course has their unique combination of specialisms which in turn leads to people graduating with degrees which were completely ‘custom made’. For example, I major in Science and Engineering meaning that the majority of my modules have been quite ‘sciencey’; maths and physics for example. My minor however is a lot more creative and I’ve been able to take modules in journalism, urban design and so on. Although it seems very disjointed, all the things I do have made me realise that the thing I enjoy doing the most is complex problem solving in a very creative and innovative way!

What have you been working on in the Hub?

I’m currently a marketing and communications intern at I Am, which is a start-up that primarily focuses on recruitment for the third sector but also puts on various interesting networking events to connect people. It’s been so much fun interning here, not only because the team is so amazing and dynamic but also because it’s been such a major learning process for me. I know that’s such a cliché thing to say, but I’ve surprised myself with how much I’ve learnt within the past two months. Anyway, my role has also been very flexible, I’ve had the chance to make marketing material, write blog series, do some web designing and various other things which has not only pushed my creativity but also boosted it!

How has your experience as a member of Impact Hub Westminster been?

Really inspiring actually. Initially I was absolutely sold by the weekly afternoon teas and drinks but over time I kind of realised that these events present some genuinely amazing networking opportunities. Especially as a student, it’s so important to build your network and meet people who can give you different perspectives. I have met so many admirable individuals who have already impacted the things I do in one way or the other. For example, I spend a lot of my spare time drawing and making things, so one thing a lot of people seem to notice are the keys on my laptop keyboard, because they have stickers on them which I designed a while ago.

A few weeks ago someone in the hub saw them and was surprised that I wasn’t selling more products with my designs, and I kind of just sat down and realised that I genuinely could be selling these things, or even just using them as a way to promote myself!


An example of Nadzia’s work

It’s great to hear you are working on your own products. Tell us more about them?

So these products are a pretty recent thing, I’m mainly advertising them on my website (www.nadzialaskar.com) which is partially my online art portfolio. Anyway, I found this other platform that lets artists print their work on all kinds of things, like phone cases, laptop cases, purses and so on. So I thought it would be a good way for me to start off by doing it through the platform first, just to see if people would actually buy anything. Surprisingly enough I have sold a few and people have now been contacting me to design a variety of things for them such as logos, illustrations and other personalised pieces.

What inspires your designs?

Some of the abstract designs I do are quite literally just inspired by small patterns and details around me. It’s a strange process really and I never know how to talk about it. Sometimes it can be as simple as, me staring into space and suddenly having a light bulb moment where I just need to get pen on paper and start drawing before it leaves my head. One thing I really try to avoid however is forcing design ideas out of my head. I personally feel like creativity takes a lot of time, and anything of good quality will take time and one of those light bulb moments!

What are your plans for the future?

I hate that question…mainly because I feel like I could take so many directions right now. I mean, in the near future I’m hoping to just finish uni and avoid dying from dissertation stress. One thing I would really like to do is carry on working on this app I started to work on over the summer but had to take a break from because of the internship. However, I’d also really like to consider some kind of freelancing career on the side to keep up all my design work and develop my skills when it comes to creating and developing brands. A natural path for me to take would also be to go into advertising since that would really combine a lot of the things I enjoy. Honestly, there are so many open doors which is slightly overwhelming but also very exciting, so who knows!

It’s great that Impact Hub Westminster has been an important part of Nadzia’s journey – we wish her all the best for the future!

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Camilla James

Camilla James

Marketing & Communications Manager