Welcome to our Hubber of the Month series, where we are celebrating the stories, challenges and achievements of our members. Our collaborative work space is filled with inspirational people creating incredible impact, working alongside each other to achieve their goals. From freelancers to SME’s, our members are diverse in purpose but united in attitude, and that’s what makes our coworking space so special. 

We’re delighted to introduce James Stanbridge, our first Hubber of the Month who joined us from Impact Hub Singapore in January this year. The global Impact Hub network has played a vital part in James’ segue from a long career working for Microsoft into the creation of his consultancy and coaching start-up Purposebridge.

Purposebridge is the result of James’s dream to use his ontological coaching skills to co-create new possibilities with his clients. He works closely with them to help them realise their potential by challenging the rules, and changing them if necessary. He currently splits his time between individual coaching, consulting with clients and speaking engagements.

During his time with Microsoft, James honed his expertise in developing and hiring diverse staff, in particular women in the software and tech sectors. A big part of his role was to help women flourish, survive and break through the glass ceiling in environments typically dominated by male culture.

The last few years of James’ time with Microsoft were spent working in Shanghai and Singapore where he took this work even further, collaborating with NGOs in Asia targeting poverty through education, particularly to prevent human trafficking. During this time, questions about his own life were starting to pop up in James’ mind. What was his purpose, where did he want his children to grow up, was the corporate sector still right for him? Despite all these questions, he was certain about one thing: he missed the entrepreneurial space. As a first step he joined Impact Hub Singapore to explore what might be possible through their networks – and he never looked back. His Impact Hub experiences helped him clarify his ideas and he soon started studying for his coaching qualification. He also realised that returning to Europe was what felt right for him and his family.

One of the first things James did on his return to London was to join Impact Hub Westminster. He instinctively felt it was the right place for him. Getting involved in Hub activities and the Hub network seemed like a crucial part of the coworking experience for James.He immediately took part in fellow member Hana Jariabkova’s Zero to Blog course, helping him to accelerate his integration into the Hub community, as well as vastly elevating the quality of his writing.

Education has always been a pivotal point for James and his main consultancy project is with Bristol University on Declara.com, an educational platform focusing on collaboration and peer-to-peer learning. The platform is curated for users who can share insights and content with their connections. James highly recommends checking this tool out as a way to learn in a quick and targeted way.

If you would like to find out more about Purposebridge and James, check out the website and pop up and say hi if you see him around at the Hub.

Do you know someone who should be next year’s member of the month? Drop an email to comms@hubwestminster.net.