Everybody has opinions about what great Leadership is, but how often do you get to explore your unique leadership style? Hub members were given an insight into just how empowering this can be when Coachingpartner ran an action packed 2-hour session in June. The highly interactive session provided tools to help explore different leadership styles, in a whistle-stop tour through different techniques.

Impact Hub Westminster member Vegard Olsen is the Founder of Coachingpartner. He believes that not enough of us are exploring who we truly are, resulting in us missing out on a huge opportunity to unlock more of our potential.  He also explained how, as a way of protecting ourselves in daily life, we tend to spend a lot of time and energy covering up our true feelings. By asking challenging questions such as “Who am I?”, “What do I pretend?” and “What do I fear?”, we can start to unmask ourselves and open the door to otherwise hidden opportunities.

Among the various tools used during this seminar, ‘Visualisation’ and ‘Shadow work’ stood out as having the potential for big impact. Visualisation is a way of connecting with situations when we felt truly happy as a leader and through that, starting to identify the qualities and characteristics in ourselves that made us so comfortable in that role. Perhaps some of these are things we take so much for granted that we don’t class them as a quality, yet to others they are what makes us stand out.

Shadow work is a potent way of allowing us to understand what the barriers to fully expressing ourselves are, by identifying qualities and characteristics that we dislike in others.

Think of someone who really annoys you, for example. What is it about them that annoys you, what are your triggers? Making this knowledge explicit to yourself can be a true gift in helping you unleash your potential. In effect, it can hand you a key to areas of your unconscious that may be blocking you. This tool is more challenging but is also an immensely rewarding technique to really delve deep.

Once the journey of exploration has started the challenge is to stay focused, taking a circular approach to your enquiry. That means keep on exploring, keep clarifying your style, your vision, your priorities for focus. It does take effort, but the benefits are bountiful.

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