We offered two Business Support Awards to the teams at COHEAT & WITT Energy at this year’s Cleantech Innovate, a two-day programme that celebrates the very best in green industry innovation, organised by Impact Hub Westminster alumni, Ecoconnect.


The first in a two-part blog series, we speak to award-winners WITT Energy to find out about their impressive energy-harvesting innovation, the “WITT”. The team are coming towards the end of a very successful equity crowdfunding campaign, and, as of 5th April 2016, have achieved 192% of their target £750,000; with a whopping £1,440,480 raised in total, with 8 days of their campaign remaining!

WITT Energy Crowdfunding at the Tamar Science Park, Plymouth. Monday 7th March 2016.
WITT Energy crowdfunding at the Tamar Science Park, Plymouth. Monday 7th March 2016.


What is WITT Energy’s mission?

To empower the world by working with global partners to deploy our WITT energy harvesting across multiple markets, including consumer, defence, marine, and power generation.  As the WITT generates power wherever there is motion, it can generate electricity from human and animal motion, from motion on the sea, from trains and other forms of transportation, and can even generate electricity from chaotic wind motion.


What does WITT Energy do?

WITT Limited has developed a patented fully scalable innovative energy harvesting system (the “WITT”), that converts motion on land, sea and from the air into electricity.  Because it can capture all motion, clockwise, anti-clockwise, back and forth and up and down (known as 6 degrees of motion), which we believe no other device can do, it can generate up to 100% more energy from motion than traditional devices based on our research. The WITT can be built to a size to generate grid scale electrical power from the ocean to miniature scale to recharge mobile phones, and to every size in between, which, according to our research, offers the widest range of applications compared to any other power generation technology.


How does WITT Technology work?

WITTs utilise a 3D pendulum driving a unique transmission system to convert motion in any combination of the six degrees of freedom into a single unidirectional rotation, optimized through a flywheel, which through a generator, produces electrical energy.  It absorbs up to 70% – 100% more energy from motion compared to other devices.


What are your plans for the next 12 months?

Bringing our first product, the 200 Watt Maine WITT into production for selling into the marine market for a host of applications including ocean yacht power, autonomous power for fish farms, power for buoys and other floating platforms, power for ocean survival applications.  In addition, this WITT can be used to generate electricity from river motion.  We are working with global companies Schaeffler and Gibbs Gears to bring this product into production.  During the next 12 months we shall also be engaging with potential license partners with global reach to deploy the WITT technology in other markets.


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*Images courtesy of WITT Energy.