Between September and December 2015, 48 Impact Hubs joined participants in over 180 countries to take part in the online course “U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self”.


So what is U.Lab all about?

U.Lab participants follow ‘Theory U’ and apply it to a challenge, issue or system elected individually or as a group. Developed by action researchers at MIT, Theory U is an approach for leading innovation to pioneer a more sustainable economy and society. Theory U proposes that in order to change the behaviour of systems, we must transform the quality of awareness and attention that people apply to their actions within these systems, both individually and collectively. “What future do I want to co-create moving forward?” is just one of the questions the U.Lab encourages participants to explore.


U.Lab @ Impact Hub Westminster

We hosted our own U.Lab at Impact Hub Westminster, bringing 9 individuals and their diverse experience together every Thursday to follow the course. Early-on in the process the group decided to cover the course content outside the sessions, to accommodate each person’s learning approach. The group focussed instead on creating peer-led coaching circles which build on personal reflection and relational practices introduced in the U.Lab process, allowing each individual to bring their own challenge for the group to work together on.


“I learned that Theory U relates to deep systemic change. I was delighted and encouraged to see the ways it provides a strong theoretical structure for the practical work that I do.”

Pamela McLean, U.Lab Participant & Impact Hub Westminster member.


What’s next for U.Lab?

A group of approximately 10 U.Lab-ers from Impact Hub King’s Cross, Islington and Westminster are keen to continue working together and take their learnings from U.Lab forward. The new group are now meeting regularly at Impact Hub King’s Cross to develop something. Although this might all sound a little ambiguous, it’s very much in keeping with the ethos of U.Lab in which things emerge from generative dialogue, collaboration and listening to all the stakeholders in a system.


If you’re interested in finding out more about U.Lab contact Andy Paice


Watch this video with ‘Theory U’ author Otto Scharmer for further information about U.Labs:


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