Right now in Paris at COP21, the world leaders are gathering together.

As they discuss our move towards a greener economy, and plans for adaptation to climate change impacts, we’ve also been playing our part in supporting climate action.  


In November, we invited 9 clean technology companies to join our Raise Impact Crowdfunding Accelerator. We specifically focussed on cleantech entrepreneurs and innovators because it’s an area of the economy we want to support.  In the last two years, around the world, 2,950 cleantech companies have raised £129M via crowdfunding*, and we want to help grow that through Raise Impact.


During Raise Impact, these cleantech innovators all had the chance to pitch to a panel of investors.  One lucky winner was offered a £5000 equity investment prize in their crowdfunding campaign – Well done Polysolar!  Other participants were offered one-to-one mentoring from the Chair of the UK Crowdfunding Association, Julia Groves, and the chance to pitch at a green investors’ event in January.


Next year, we want to support even more cleantech companies. Is that you? Register your interest in our future programmes, and we’ll get in touch when we have more to offer.  


Here are some of the great companies we worked with on our latest Raise Impact Crowdfunding Accelerator.



What do you do?

Polysolar is an award winning producer of transparent solar photovoltaic glazing. Window glass that generates clean renewable energy from sunlight.  The company’s multi-functional Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) glass substitutes for conventional building cladding materials resulting in a marginal additional cost in construction and delivering a return on investment.


What does impact mean to you?

For Polysolar, impact means reducing carbon emissions without damaging the natural environment.


What we love about Polysolar?

See through solar panels!



What do you do?

OpenTRV makes it easy and painless for everyone to reduce their carbon emissions. With smart thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) that turn down the heating in rooms during the periods when the rooms aren’t being used, you save money and reduce your carbon emissions without any effort on your part.


What does impact mean to you?

For OpenTRV, impact means reducing the carbon emissions of the entire UK by 10% for £150 per home, and improving the health and wellbeing of those who have difficulty paying their energy bills.


What we love about OpenTRV?

Lowering our heating bills, and not wasting energy!


Cool Curve Logo (1)

What do you do?

Cool-Curve is creating the first truly sustainable lighting for the home, through the provision of remanufacturable light bulbs as part of an integrated service.


What does impact mean to you?

For Cool-Curve, impact means providing great lighting while minimising electrical consumption and eliminating electrical waste.


What we love about Cool-Curve?

Smart, efficient, lighting!


Many of our participants are experienced entrepreneurs, having already raised funds for their businesses before.  Watch this space for news on their crowdfund campaigns in early 2016 and beyond!  


Are you interested in joining our next crowdfunding accelerator? Register your interest here.


Richard Brownsdon, Programme Design, Impact Hub Westminster

Photocredit – Ivanpah