We are excited to announce a new partnership with Crowdcube, the crowdfunding platform for equity raises. This partnership is the first of many that will help Impact Hub Westminster members take their social and environmental impact to the next level.
This partnership started in spectacular fashion with Impact Hub Westminster founding members, OpenDesk, raising their crowdfunding target of £150,000 (for 10% equity) within 12 hours of launching their campaign! It’s not over yet either…
OpenDesk have been an integral part of the Hub Westminster community from the very beginning, and are responsible the majority of furniture in our space, including the ‘wiki pod’ Skype booths and our desks which are specially designed to encourage collaboration.
OpenDesk enables furniture to be made locally through a community of designers and makers by offering products designed for digital fabrication that can be customised and produced in any location. The model supports the local economy and enables significant reductions in carbon emissions. To find out more about OpenDesk’s journey and their open making model see our interview with OpenDesk co-founder Joni Steiner here.
Although OpenDesk have hit their crowdfunding target, the campaign is still live. If you are interested in investing in the global platform that’s disrupting the furniture industry with a model of open making – you still can! Please see their Crowdcube page more details.
Watch this space as we co-develop our ‘Raise Impact’ crowdfunding accelerator, which will cover all aspects of startup investment including debt, equity and reward. Follow our journey @RaiseImpact.
Many thanks,
Impact Hub Westminster Team