We’re now more than half way through the first semester of our educational programme – Hubcademy.
I wanted to share a few learnings, how we’re adapting to the participants needs, and creating new programmes based on the feedback.
We built Hubcademy to help people grow their businesses, and their social impact.  The first session was on Lean Strategy, so we have to practice what we teach, right?
Build, Measure, Learn – that’s the Lean way.

What we’ve learnt

1) Participants love to spend the workshop time working on their own business issues. 
Much more than working through case studies, participants love to work on their companies and projects with the workshop leader guiding them through the specific actions to take.
They like to learn a new skill, and immediately put it into action. We’re all busy, and if we don’t do it now, it might not get done at all.
That’s why we put Hubcademy workshops on Monday evenings – to help fit them into busy lives of the entrepreneurs.
2) 90 minutes is not very long to learn a whole new topic.
It is long enough to practice a couple of new skills, and introduce links and resources for further research.
It’s also long enough for a Monday night.  By the time it gets to 8.30pm, it feels like time to go home.
3) Participants love snacks!  Classes with snacks get 100% more thumbs up from participants.
Flapjacks, cookies, apples and bananas have all worked wonders to keep evening energy levels up, and happiness high. And if we’re not increasing happiness, then what’s the point?

What are we going to do next?

1) We have learnt to let our workshops leaders read feedback from previous classes, so that they can create workshops our participants love.
2) We’re going to offer longer, more in-depth half-day master classes, so that participants can really get deep into the new skills that will change and grow their businesses.
3) And of course, whatever we do, we have to have snacks.  Maybe you can bring some too?
It’s not all over yet!
Over the next few weeks we will hear from Christina Richardson of Brand Gathering who will walk us through the key principles of effective marketing, Laurie Wang of W Kollective who will teach us how to generate business through social media and finally Jon Dawson of Kingston Smith who will give us the fundamentals of pitching and preparing your business for investment. To find out more & to register for Hubcademy please see the Hubcademy eventbrite page.
Richard Brownsdon – Hubcademy Programmer
Impact Hub Westminster Team