We have a particular focus here at Impact Hub Westminster  – our name is a big clue but if you haven’t attended an event or visited to enquire about membership you might not know what we mean by ‘Impact’. We asked our members to define what Impact meant to them and have listed below 10 of their responses.

“For me impact is taking into account long term social and environmental metrics into decision-making at all levels of our society, business, government and even our private lives.”

 Bertrand Beghin – Founder & Co-CEO Numbers 4 Good  


“For me impact is about world changing results. It’s about harnessing the collective. Everyone can make a valuable contribution and by coming together we can have life changing results. For example with Rainmaker Foundation, in our first year alone we helped 50 charities and influenced over £1 million of donations.”

 Hollie Carr Co-Founder & Director Rainmaker Foundation

“For me impact is engaging as many people as possible in renewable energy through their pockets.”

 Julia GrovesManaging Director Trillion Fund

“For me impact is the sweet spot beyond the outcomes. It’s the point where we provide real, long-lasting change to cities. It’s the point where we apply our best thinking to the problems that cities face right now and we produce places that make us happy and healthy as a result.”

Lucy Warin  – Communications Manager Future Cities Catapult 

‘‘For me impact is getting affordable energy to more people.”

 Lucy SymonsGeneral Manager Village Infrastructure

“For me impact is using craft to encourage people to campaign on social injustices.”

Sarah Corbett – Founder Craftivist Collective

“For me impact is working with children and youth organisations who are trying to deliver great services to young people and helping them to understand what works about their interventions and where, and why.”

Stephen Bediako  – Founder & Managing Director TSIP (The Social Innovation Partnership)

“For me impact is when through our mobile health solution we can connect doctors and nurses through the iPad to their patient information and help them save lives.’

 Rashid Shahidi  Co-Founder & CEO Medopad

‘For me impact is the difference that arc makes to our social enterprise on our programme, whether it’s connecting them to business volunteers, subsidised training, consultancy or premises. Helping them grow and create new jobs.’

Mike Freeman arc London Social Enterprise Manager BITC (Business in the Community)


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