Learn how to ‘speak with confidence’ in exchange for some post-it notes? A crash course in Irish dancing in exchange for help with gardening?

TradeSchool is an alternative, self-organised school that celebrates the social nature of exchange, the value of things other than money and access to knowledge – in all its forms. Anyone can teach a class on their topic of interest and asks their students for barter items in exchange. The idea stems from the belief that everyone has something to offer, be it intellectual or practical. A range of classes, from ‘Introduction to Street Art’ to ‘How to create a self-contained wormery’ have brought in barter items including chocolate, chopsticks, herbs, a poem, even an act of kindness! The initiative started in New York, has spread globally, and is now coming to Hub Westminster as part of TradeSchool London. The first season of classes is beginning this fall, held onsite at the Hub and open to all, to teach and to learn.

We are looking for co-founders for TradeSchool Westminster: people enthused by the idea and who believe in its potential here. Co-founders are invited to attend the initial Founders’ Workshop, participate in the occasional meetings and perhaps co-host a couple of the classes during the season. The Founders’ Workshop will be on 3rd September from 17:00-20:00 at Hub Westminster, in which we will be introduced to TradeSchool by one of the TS London founders, and get our hands dirty in a coordination workshop and brainstorming session. The launch will then take place in late September, the season going through until Christmas. If you are interested in being a co-founder of this exciting project please get in touch with Tim (timothy@research00.net) or Lucy (lucy.baker@hubwestminster.net) before the Founders’ Workshop. There will also be several other ways to get involved with the Trade School – opportunities to propose a class / sign up to a class will be publicised in due course – watch this space! For now if you’re specifically interested in co-founding TradeSchool Hub Westminster, don’t hesitate to get in touch. For more information see http://tradeschool.coop/ and http://tradeschool.coop/hubwestminster/class

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