Weekly Community Events

high tea 540 x 540

Hub High Tea

Tuesdays @ 4:00pm

We take a break and catch up over a cup of tea and some cake in our kitchen.

Now the question is – do you put your clotted cream on your scone first, or is it jam then clotted cream?!

Hub Lunches

Hub Lunch

Wednesdays @ 12:30pm

Every week we come together to meet new faces, catch up with old and enjoy good food.

Whether you bring your own, or something to share, what matters most is having you there!

Mix at Six

Mix @ Six

Fridays @ 6:00pm

Start winding down for the weekend with a glass of wine or beer (or softie) with us.

Oh, and did we mention that we have a ping pong table!

Upcoming Events

Fundraising Masterclass with Rob Woods: How to Get WAY MORE MEETINGS with Wealthy Donors

Join us for another popular session, designed to enhance your fundraising skills and knowledge.   The Major Donor Special Interest Group and the I Am Group are pleased to present another popular session to help us be better major donor…

Launching your ‘tech for good’ startup: Bethnal Green Ventures Q&A

There has never been a better time to develop ideas for using technology to solve some of the toughest challenges we face in the world today. So how do you get a ‘tech for good’ idea off the ground?  …

Innovation and Creativity Workshop

In today’s changing world, we all need to be innovators. That could mean making small improvements to current processes or systems, developing ideas for new or improved products or services, inventing something completely new that makes life better for your…

Wealth in Great Britain – What All Not-for-Profits Need to Know

This event has been designed for CEOs, trustees, fundraisers and everyone responsible for revenue in a charity, not-for-profit or social enterprise in the UK.   Come and join Kerry Rock of Prospecting for Gold as she un-earths the reality of…

Impact Hub Workshop: 6 steps to become your own marketing expert

In this 90 min workshop you will learn the structure that will help you to understand marketing better and get everything in place to make marketing easy for you. Marketing and creative-start-up Coach Christine will talk you through the 6…

RE.WORK The Future of Education Workshop

How will emerging hardware and software technology impact the future of education? At the Future of Eduction Workshop, education practitioners, technologists, innovators and strategists will come together to discuss, explore and collaborate to discover how advancing technology such as visual…

RE.WORK Future of Food Summit

The RE•WORK Future of Food Summit explores advancements in technology and their impact on the food industry. How will AgTech create more sustainable supply chains? Are drones and AI the future of consumption? This event will bring together scientists, innovators…

Handwashing Challenge 2016

In a humanitarian crisis, handwashing with soap has proven to be one of the most critical and effective interventions to reduce infectious diseases causing death, but increasing and improving handwashing is difficult and needs innovation!   To tackle this, Elrha’s…

Interacting with Personality Types – An Approach to the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)

Overview Have you ever wanted to understand what motivates you and others? Looked to enhance your personal effectiveness and communication skills? Are you curious to know how differently we see and interact with the world? And ready to explore your…